Bio and Creative Style

Arch. Simonetto Vellucci, Creazioni SV



Graduated in Architecture at the University "La Sapienza" of Rome in 1993, after qualifying for the profession, Simonetto Vellucci dedicated himself to the search for balance between form and matter, placing the simple harmony of geometric figures at the base of the creations.


Triangle, square, circle: a harmonious contrast between figures and matter, where the coldness of marble meets the warm suggestiveness of wood to obtain functionally rational buildings and objects.


From the common geometrical figures he draws a rational composition freeing the furnishing object from all sorts of canons and traditional concepts: the leg of a table does not have to be straight, or equal to the others, but it can also be only one provided that respect the laws of physics and the static equilibrium of bodies.



Thus, a comparison between form and material is born, which develops and resolves itself with such simplicity that not only maintains the functionality of the object but also creates high-quality furnishings from the prestigious designer at the same time.


The piece of furniture is no longer a component of the furnishing end in itself, it is no longer placed but placed


Such furniture cannot be classified in series because each copy has its own originality, thus creating not a piece of furniture but a work of art.